The Entrepreneurs Awakening Podcast

Discover the impact that psychedelic mastermind retreats with ayahuasca are having on startup founders and entrepreneurs. 

Season 1 consists of interviews with business leaders who vulnerably share the impact that ayahuasca had on their professional and personal lives. 

Each episode contains mind-blowing stories and actionable insights that you can apply to your life and businesses right away.

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This short video trailer will provide you with an overview of Season 1. It will also provide you with the back story behind the podcast, the guests, and the psychedelic mastermind retreats with ayahuasca that we have been leading since 2012. Watch it to know if you want to listen to an episode now.
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S1E5: Three CEO’s Share The Impact Ayahuasca Had On Their Leadership

Listening to this special entrepreneurs awakening podcast episode recorded live at Burning Man, will inspire you to follow your truth. Omi and Henrik have created venture-funded companies worth north of one hundred million dollars. Ali has created an impact focused lifestyle business on track to do more than a million in revenue per year. What makes

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About the Entrepreneurs Awakening Podcast

This is the only podcast that focuses exclusively on the intersection between business leadership, startup culture and the therapeutic use of psychedelics, specifically ayahuasca, done in the context of a business mastermind program.

I have been working on this podcast since 2017, releasing a few evergreen episodes a year. A true labor of love, each episode has more than 25 hours of pre and post production time invested in it. This podcast is about quality, not quantity and designed to stand the test of time. In total the season will have 10 episodes which will have been released by the end of 2022.

Most episodes consist of interviews with executive coaching clients of mine who participated in our ayahuasca business mastermind program that takes place in Peru once a year since 2012. My deep understanding of my guests experience on the ayahuasca retreat and their business through coaching them make each interview authentic, intimate and insight-full. Each episode contains mind-blowing stories and actionable insights that you can apply to your life and businesses right away.

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– Michael, host, The Entrepreneurs Awakening podcast

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