The Impact of Ayahuasca on Business Leadership

3 founders share how ayahuasca influenced them, their leadership and their companies

Hear the personal experiences from leaders before, during and after ayahuasca

First, thank you or your interest in the information I have to share about the ways ayahuasca is impacting business leaders. To me, transforming the hearts and minds of business leaders is critical in order to create a sustainable, thriving global society that works for all living things.

This was recorded at Camp Mystic at Burning Man (2018). The stories are from startup founder/CEO’s Omi, Ali Shanti, and Henrik Zillmer.

They have very different backgrounds and companies, with each having companies worth millions of dollars. These founders have been transformed by ayahuasca and meditation practices, and discuss how the transformations have been reflected in their companies.

As a bonus, you will hear Paul Austin, founder of The Third and leading expert on micro-dosing speak about micro-dosing, the third wave of psychedelics and how you fit into it.

This recorded discussion panel will fan the flames of your interest, and hopefully provide you with actionable insights you can apply right away!

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The Story Behind the Recording

Ali Shanti tells the dramatic story of her topsy-turvy transformation from attention seeking TV personality to impact entrepreneur. It’s truly an incredible story!

Omi is using his Playa name to protect his identity. He recently sold his first tech startup for a lot of money and isn’t quite ready to come out to his business partners. What’s unique about Omi’s path is that he works with both plant medicines and 10-day silent meditation retreats as a practice, rain or shine, many times a year.

Henrik, on the other hand, is not shy about the impact ayahuasca has had on his business leadership. He has been interviewed about it for many news articles and appears in the Fast Company video profile on my Machu Picchu Ayahuasca Mastermind program. Henrik’s advocacy has inspired many successful entrepreneurs to work with ayahuasca with the intention of expanding their consciousness and healing unhealthy behavior patterns.

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This is the third year that I have facilitated a panel of impressive business leaders who were willing to share their story, many for the first time. This is the first time I recorded it!

Thanks for your commitment to transformation and growth! Together we are creating the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

In service,

– Michael Costuros

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