Ayahuasca Retreat Integration Coaching for Founders

We have been providing ayahuasca prep and integration coaching for founders and business leaders since 2012. Our approach enables you to get much more value out of your ayahuasca experience. Part executive coaching and part behavior change coaching, together our Awake Forward Method gets results that change your life and business. Visit our podcast page and listen to episodes that demonstrate the added value that proper preparation and integration will provide you.
  • Our tried and true preparation and integration process is compatible with any ayahuasca retreat.
  • Greater than 50% of the value of your ayahuasca retreat will be captured during the two weeks after.

Ayahuasca Prep & Integration Coaching Package Details

Six weeks of one-on-one prep and integration support for your ayahuasca retreat, with many perks.

Ayahuasca Retreat Preparation
  • Two 90 minute ayahuasca prep coaching sessions led by a an NLP certified life or executive coach with more than 9 years experience providing this service for entrepreneurs.
    • During these sessions, you will be lead through an NLP-based inquiry process. It will reveal your deepest desires and the sub-conscious obstacles that have been holding you back. We typically land at an outcome for your experience with ayahuasca that is three layers deeper than the one you intended to go into the retreat with. The deeper the root focus the more systemic the healing ayahuasca can provide. With your coaches experienced support you will then craft your new insights into intentions that will enable you to focus on these root issues while under the influence of ayahuasca.
  • Check-in calls, texts, and emails as needed between sessions.
  • Guidance for managing your privacy and handling conversations with colleagues, friends and family members.
  • Guidance on how to enroll the support of your spouse or partner.
  • A curriculum of the best documentaries, articles, and books to help you prepare for your experience so you enter your weekend with confidence and ease.
  • Guidance through our Awakening Cleanse process, which prepares your mind, heart, spirit AND body for ayahuasca much better than the traditional dieta restrictions.

Ayahuasca Retreat Weekend Support

  • Best practices for harvesting your insights during the retreat weekend.
  • A 30 min check-in call before the first ceremony.
  • Support as needed during the weekend.

Ayahuasca Retreat Integration Support
(Available as an al la carte service)

  • Three 75 minute integration coaching sessions, 1 day, 5 days and 15 days after your retreat.
  • The integration coaching sessions reveal the highest leverage actions you can take and provide you with the best strategies to take them. We focus equally on your professional and personal life goals. Together we track your progress over three weeks, continuing to gain new insights and strategies. We complete with a plan you can follow into the future.
  • Your coach is available for text and check-in calls as needed.
  • New materials (documentaries, books, and articles) as needed to support your continued awakening.
If you truly want to leverage the insights and visions from your ayahuasca experience, let’s discuss prep and integration coaching.

Listen to these ayahuasca podcast episodes that showcase transformative experiences from our ayahuasca retreat and the prep & integration coaching we provide for founders.

Praise for our ayahuasca retreat prep and integration coaching…

“My best day at work was on June 6, 2016. It was my first day as the leader I have always wanted to be – who influences without artifice, listens without prejudice, and speaks from the heart. But it was the coaching that enabled me to integrate this new way of being over time.“ – N.P., Senior manager at Google

“I choose Ayahuasca to get insights and answers for key issues that burden my life and to lift any doubts about my future path. The masterful prep and integration coaching and support I received from the EA team helped me to achieve all the goals. In fact, the results surpassed all my expectations. It opened the door to an empowered life of clarity, peace, and self-expression.” – E.I., Ex-military, and co-founder of an 8-figure manufacturing business

“I was sceptical. I thought the program was too expensive. But I trusted my gut and went for it anyway, and I am sure glad I did. On the other side, I see how the prep and integration were keys to the l results I enjoy today.” – S.K., Finance executive 

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