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Michael Costuros

New Service: Psychedelic-assisted Executive Coaching With Ketamine

I’m thrilled to announce! We are now officially offering Psychedelic-assisted Executive Coaching (PaEC). We are offering this in coordination with Mindbloom Inc., the leading provider of at-home, via video, Ketamine-assisted psychedelic therapy sessions. I say officially because my team and I have been unofficially supporting our clients in their use of therapeutic psychedelics in conjunction

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Michael Costuros

Why Combine A Business Mastermind With Ayahuasca?

I get asked this a lot when I speak about Entrepreneurs Awakening. The unique combination of bonding while traveling, exploring new territory (internally and externally) and having the support of a business mastermind before, during and after the experience has helped dozens of founders and entrepreneurs revolutionize their companies over the years. It’s the transformations

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