Psychedelic-assisted Executive Coaching

The Awake Forward Method combines executive coaching with elements of NLP and psychedelic-assisted therapy in a new way that reliably produces career and life-changing results.

The most effective way for business leaders to change
old habits that are holding them back from realizing their full potential.

If you’re truly ready to break through to the next level, on all levels, then let’s talk!

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Psychedelic-assisted Executive Coaching with master executive coach, Michael Costuros

Michael here. Through my firm Thriving Founders, I have clocked more than 9,500 hours as an executive coach to some of Silicon Valley’s most talented entrepreneurs.

Over the years I discovered that breakthrough awakening experiences brought on by psychedelics in a therapeutic setting combined with inner game coaching techniques enabled my clients to achieve their professional and personal development goals much faster than executive coaching alone. Since 2012 I have been refining my process into a method that gets reliable life-changing results. I call it The Awake Forward Method.

The Awake Forward Method uses the achievement of short-term professional goals as milestones that keep you winning the outer game while we work on taking your inner game to the next level.

If your curious to learn what Psychedelic-assisted executive coaching can do for you, let’s talk!

-Michael Costuros

From those I’ve worked with…

Bertram Meyer
Bertram Meyer
CEO and Co-Founder of Taulia and One Dome

As CEO of a startup in hyper-growth, I feared the time away would hurt my business. Now I am very glad I went. What I discovered was the perspective that came with distance, a better understanding of what I want to achieve, my core values and who I am as a human, as well as the insights gained in conversation with fellow participants, lead to a greater positive impact on my business than if I had stayed home and worked.

Eric Neuner
Eric Neuner
CEO of Health Coach Institute

I am so grateful for my experience. It was the pinnacle of experiential learning for me. I found it profound and healing, both physically and emotionally. Previously I had self-doubt around what I should be doing professionally and personally. Today that is no longer the case!

Craig Clemens
Craig Clemens
Co-Founder, Golden Hippo Media

I wasn’t totally clear on what I wanted, I just felt I needed to go. It turns out my intuition was correct – the experience showed me exactly what was holding me back in both my business and personal life. Within just one month after returning I’d used what I’d learned to deep my relationships with my family, then later, with my business partners and staff, which surely was a factor in us having our most successful year ever. Now a year later I am dating the girl of my dreams (after being single for 3 long years!) I can say with certainty I would not be where I am today without the lessons learned in Peru under Michael’s guidance.

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