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How does Ayahuasca affect high functioning entrepreneurs?

For sometime now mainstream media has published articles looking at the healing effect Ayahuasca has on people who are struggling with various medical conditions.

Only recently has the press begun investigating why totally healthy, “type-A” individuals have been using Ayahuasca.

Since 2012, Entrepreneurs Awakening has been providing exclusive business mastermind programs for entrepreneurial leaders that include a 10-day trip to Peru to work with Ayahuasca.

Over the years, we developed a powerful preparation and integration method that enables our clients to accomplish two exceptional things.

  1. Maximise Ayahuasca’s ability to remove the subconscious blocks that have been preventing them from realizing their full professional potential.
  2. Integrate the insights from their Ayahuasca experience into their personal and professional life.

But before we tell you more about our secret sauce, let’s first learn a bit more about Ayahuasca. 

Will Ayahuasca make you a more effective leader?

“I wasn’t totally clear on what I wanted, I just felt I needed to go and it would be revealed to me there…the experience showed me exactly what was holding me back in both my business and personal life. Within just one month after returning I’d used what I’d learned to deepen my relationships with my family, then later, with my business partners and staff, which surely was a factor in us having our most successful year ever.”
“When I participated in the first Peru retreat back in 2012. Back then, despite all my great achievements, I still carried a sense of inadequacy. I feel more capable of giving my gifts to the world then ever before. Writing and publishing the book I have long wanted to birth is just one example!”
“Since the program I feel much more in line with my purpose. As a result, my business and I are more aligned and making risky decisions is easier…this has made me a much more effective mentor and leader.”
“As a CEO of a startup in hyper growth, I feared that the time away would hurt my business. What I discovered was a better understanding of who I am, and what I want to achieve; that led to a greater positive impact on my business than if I had stayed home and worked.”
“Ayahuasca re-booted and de-fragged my brain. Virtually all that ayahuasca showed me was not what I expected, and yet it was exactly what I needed.”
“I am so grateful for my experience. It was the pinnacle of experiential learning for me. I found it profound and healing, both physically and emotionally.”
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