S1E2: Experiencing Ayahuasca Taught This Young CEO About his True Purpose

The Entrepreneurs Awakening Podcast Season 1: Episode 2

Experiencing ayahuasca taught this 28-year-old CEO Dmitriy Kozlov how to align with his true purpose as a leader.

It gives me great pleasure to release this podcast interview with my friend and social impact entrepreneur Dmitriy Kozlov.

We spoke for over two hours and what we covered was so special that I spent a lot of time to carefully distill our conversation into an hour of potent insights, stories and “how to” advice just for you.

Dmitriy has been a committed social impact entrepreneur since the start. At age 22 he co-founded a digital marketing agency focused on serving social impact businesses. At 25 he co-founded Maverick NEXT, a mastermind group for impact-driven entrepreneurs, age 25 and under, who had already built 6 or 7 figure business.

These two ventures are part of his plan to lead an ecosystem of social impact companies doing a billion dollars in revenue by the time he turns 35.

Dmitriy was already aligned with his mission and purpose before experiencing ayahuasca which is why he was surprised and humbled by what ayahuasca taught him about his true mission and purpose.

Now 28, it’s been two years since his first experience with ayahuasca in Peru, and I want to find out what impact it has had on his master plan.

A deeply vulnerable interview, we both have a few butterflies in our stomach at the thought of sharing aspects of our lives that are so close to our hearts publicly.  Perhaps the most unique topic is something I had never considered doing. Dmitriy teaches me how to use love as a guiding principle for making business decisions. He also shares how ayahuasca taught him how to resolve the inner conflict between his commitment to living a life of purpose and desire for exceptional wealth.

Which has me wonder, does he still want to be a billionaire by age 35?

Let’s find out.

Table of Contents

000 – 4:28: Introductions and setting up the context for the topics to be discussed.

4:28 – 7:37: Dmitriy shares his most powerful ayahuasca experience and the impact it had on his personal and professional life.

7:37 – 17:00: We discuss Dmitriy’s sources of inspiration and how to take leaps of faith even in the absence of internal or external certainty.

17:00 – 21:05: Dmitriy shares his entrepreneurial backstory and why his goal is a network of companies worth a billion dollars.

21:05 – 27:00: Dmitriy talks about his first life-changing spiritual awakening and the impact it had on his life.

27:00 – 30:32: Dmitriy explains in practical terms how he leads his business with love as the guiding principle. No really, I make him explain to me how he leads from love and it actually makes sense the way he explains it.

30:32 – 35:56: We discuss how to use ayahuasca to effectively remove barriers in your path towards realizing your full potential. In Dmitriy’s case, finding resolution in his relationships with his father, who was not there for him, and the masculine/feminine as a whole.

35:56 – 40:08: Dmitriy discusses how he integrated his ayahuasca experiences in Peru after returning back to the company. He then describes a business challenge that wouldn’t have been overcome without the tools he received from his awakening in Peru. We discuss how to surrender to what needs to be done, let go of how you want it to be, and trust the flow of what is.

40:08 – 46:31: We share how to distinguish between the “what” and the “how”, and getting over the feeling of being off-course.

46:31 – 52:39: We share final insights and recommendations on ways you can take the next step on your path of awakening.

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