S1E5: Three CEO’s Share The Impact Ayahuasca Had On Their Leadership

Listening to this special entrepreneurs awakening podcast episode recorded live at Burning Man, will inspire you to follow your truth.

Omi and Henrik have created venture-funded companies worth north of one hundred million dollars. Ali has created an impact focused lifestyle business on track to do more than a million in revenue per year. What makes their business success unique is that each of them credit the impact ayahuasca and meditation had on their mindset as significant factors.

You will also hear from Paul Austin co-founder of TheThirdWave.co.

Paul will share what the Third Wave of psychedelics is and why as participants, it’s important for us to understand our role in it.

This was recorded live in the Camp Mystic Theater at Burning Man 2018.

Let’s dive in! 

impact ayahuasca

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